Dear Dorothy,

Time goes by too quickly, but you are just as beautiful today. Look at the amazing things you have done, where love would always shine through your smile.
There was a time when we would talk for hours.

However, there are things I can’t say to you now because you wouldn’t understand.
You fell and in some ways I lost you, but sometimes you give me a look and I know my Grandma is still there.

Thank you for always caring for me, now I will care for you.

Love Lydia 

'Love Lydia' is a follow on from my previous work, 'Dear Dorothy'. 


Instead of looking through her life, 'Love Lydia' shows her as a Grandma, with subtle hints of her condition through objects and imagery that reminds me of her.

After suffering with dementia for four years, my Grandma passed away on Wednesday 1st February 2017. 

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